About Us

At TronicsPay, our mission is to transform the way consumers recycle their used cell phones. Whether it’s selling an old phone or raising money through charitable fundraising, we guarantee satisfaction by providing a fast, easy, and secure portal to sell your mobile phones. We offer fast payment options, provide free shipping, and ensure competitive prices.

That’s not all. We help businesses thrive by purchasing retired fleets of phones, raise funds for charitable causes, and facilitate recycling to reduce

e-waste. We truly believe the responsible alternative to tossing your mobile phones is one that serves the environment, your community, and your wallet.

Data Security
We remove personal data from all smartphones.

No auction fees, difficult listings, or dangerous meetings with strangers.

Free Shipping
Print our prepaid shipping label or receive a free shipping kit.

Fast Payment
Payment will be processed within 24hrs of receiving your device.

No Risk
Request your phone back at no cost during the processing period.

Best Value
Sell with confidence. You are guaranteed highest offers.